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Creality 3D making great progress towards compliance

Some positive news from Creality 3D today, with the launch of their GPL source code portal. This repository has the source code for the majority of their printer models available for download. With 15 models of printer listed, this makes Creality 3D the manufacturer with the most GPL compliant printers in the world! A very impressive achievement, and it is clear to see that Creality 3D is working hard to pursue compliance. Download Creality 3D Source Code here We would love to add Creality 3D back to our “Friends of GPL” soon! Things are happening fast around here, and we are trying to keep up! We are all still watching and hoping for some news about GPL firmware for the newly-released...

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A disappointing month for GPL compliance

It is disappointing to again see various 3D printer companies being reluctant to release the marlin open source firmware for their products. Creality3D has refused to release the firmware for the new CR-X AnyCubic has refused to release the firmware for the AnyCubic Chiron. AnyCubic has since released their chiron firmware on github! This continued refusal is unacceptable, as these companies have been specifically made aware of their obligations under the GPL license. As a result, we will be removing AnyCubic and Creality3D from our “Friends of GPL” list until the open source firmware is supplied to owners. These GPL violations have commercial consequences too – resellers such as Printed Solid, have indicated that they are no longer able to sell Creality3D due to their non-compliance. We support and applaud Printed Solid for taking a firm stand on this issue, as this negatively affects their business operations too. The AnyCubic Chiron launch has also seen much frustration from customers, due to major bugs in the provided firmware preventing proper calibration and tuning of the machines. While poor factory firmware has been overcome for other printers thanks to the community producing new versions, these efforts are near-impossible for the Chiron unless they release the source for their modified Marlin firmware. We encourage AnyCubic and Creality3D to consider both their obligations under the GPL, as well as the many other benefits...

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First Completely Open Source 3D Printer from China

Creality3D have taken the spirit of Open Source to heart, and have released the popular low-cost Ender-3 3D Printer under a fully open source license. Not only have they fully complied with the GPL by releasing their marlin source code files, but they have gone several steps above and beyond to also release the board schematics, and the hardware CAD design files on GitHub! This 3D printer has been certified by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), who have certified this product as Open Source Hardware. We applaud the courage of Creality3D by this move, and hope that their amazing success with the Ender-3...

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GeeeTech launches new open-source firmware “Smartto”

Time for some more positive news on 3D printers and open source! Geeetech has just launched their new Open Source firmware Smartto. This is a new ground-up firmware – not a fork of one of the other popular 3D printer firmwares like Marlin or Repetier. Compatible with Geeetech’s more powerful 32-bit GTM32 Pro and GTM32 Mini boards, this firmware supports both 20×4 and Colour LCD interfaces. “Geeetech welcomes feedback, suggestions and contributions from the community on our new firmware. Github pull requests and issue reports are very welcome!”  – Geeetech Representative We warmly welcome this move from Geeetech, it is real innovation. We hope that this open source policy will bring many benefits back to Geeetech, from community support and involvement. The Smartto firmware can be downloaded from Geeetech’s GitHub page at More information on Smartto is available at the Inov3D...

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