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Creality is on the right path, Anet is Next.

Yesterday Naomi Wu posted a tweet morning with an update that Creality has given her the source code for the CR-10S machine to release to the public. It seems that there was a Beijing company that was doing the coding for Creality’s firmware. She spent many hours with them speaking to them in their native language explaining how the Open Source licenses work. The other company then provided Creality and Wu with the source code for the CR-10S series machines and then Wu posted it online via a Google Drive link. The Google drive link has been getting taken down due to high traffic but there is a mirror that Tim (TH3D) and Scott (Marlin project) are working on updating to the latest Marlin build as well as fixing some compilation issues. You can download it here: Creality has moved from the Non-Compliant to the Semi-Compliant list until the Ender series firmware are released. Our next focus is to get Anet to provide the source code so we are gathering the contact information for them so that customers can contact them. Anet has had a rash of printers catching on fire due to no thermal protection in their firmware so this is very important as the Anet machines are much lower quality parts than the Creality machines. This means that the wiring is more likely to overheat due to incorrect installation...

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Direction and Community Help

Direction Firstly we want to say we cannot believe how many people have voiced their support for this project. When the original video was posted (By Tim @ TH3D) he had no idea that people would actually care let alone other content creators actually showing their support. After watching a video from the 3D Printing Professor and Nerys we are going to outline a less drastic course of action that will benefit the community and help out these companies that may have honestly had no idea what was going on. Creality is listening to us. This movement got Wanhao to comply very quickly and Creality issued a video statement showing that they ARE LISTENING TO US! Our current plan will be: We will compile a list of manufacturers that are not compliant and a list of the machines that have source and/or binary files released as well as community firmware that works for those machines. We still plan on having information on how to contact these companies to get firmware and source code so that customers can request them from the companies. We will offer to produce Marlin firmware for companies that is GPL compliant leveraging people in the community so that these companies can be compliant. This will be free of charge. If you are a content creator do NOT feel like you have to boycott the companies....

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Getting the site setup

We are currently getting the website setup right now and more information will be added in the coming days. We have been posting many updates on our Facebook page as that is a great platform to make sharing easy for everyone. You can follow it...

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About This Site

Our goal is to hold 3D Printer companies around the world accountable to their GPL (and other licenses) obligations for the benefit of the users purchasing and using the machines.