More positive news was received today, with the public release of the source code for the JGAurora A3S and A5 printers. These printers are based on the Marlin Open Source Firmware, and it is great to see that JGAurora has taken a big step forward in GPL compliance.

JGAurora public firmware page

JGAurora is a Shenzhen based 3D printer manufacturer of both consumer, professional, commercial and industrial 3D printers.

While there remain other JGAurora models that have not yet had their Marlin source code released (such as the Z-603S and A8 3D printers), this is still a good announcement to see another major 3D printer company moving towards full GPL compliance. We look forward to future GPL firmware releases from JGAurora in the future, for their Marlin-based printers.