Yesterday Naomi Wu posted a tweet morning with an update that Creality has given her the source code for the CR-10S machine to release to the public. It seems that there was a Beijing company that was doing the coding for Creality’s firmware. She spent many hours with them speaking to them in their native language explaining how the Open Source licenses work. The other company then provided Creality and Wu with the source code for the CR-10S series machines and then Wu posted it online via a Google Drive link.

The Google drive link has been getting taken down due to high traffic but there is a mirror that Tim (TH3D) and Scott (Marlin project) are working on updating to the latest Marlin build as well as fixing some compilation issues. You can download it here:

Creality has moved from the Non-Compliant to the Semi-Compliant list until the Ender series firmware are released.

Our next focus is to get Anet to provide the source code so we are gathering the contact information for them so that customers can contact them. Anet has had a rash of printers catching on fire due to no thermal protection in their firmware so this is very important as the Anet machines are much lower quality parts than the Creality machines. This means that the wiring is more likely to overheat due to incorrect installation and/or inadequate gauge wire being used. Please follow the Facebook page for updates on how to contact Anet. If you have contacts over at Anet please share them on the Facebook pages.

Thank you everyone for all the support and help thus far. We will continue to keep an eye on Creality and what they are doing. They have promised Wu that they would be releasing the source for the Ender series machines as well by July 2018. We will follow up with them at the end of June.