Firstly we want to say we cannot believe how many people have voiced their support for this project. When the original video was posted (By Tim @ TH3D) he had no idea that people would actually care let alone other content creators actually showing their support. After watching a video from the 3D Printing Professor and Nerys we are going to outline a less drastic course of action that will benefit the community and help out these companies that may have honestly had no idea what was going on. Creality is listening to us. This movement got Wanhao to comply very quickly and Creality issued a video statement showing that they ARE LISTENING TO US!

Our current plan will be:

  • We will compile a list of manufacturers that are not compliant and a list of the machines that have source and/or binary files released as well as community firmware that works for those machines.
  • We still plan on having information on how to contact these companies to get firmware and source code so that customers can request them from the companies.
  • We will offer to produce Marlin firmware for companies that is GPL compliant leveraging people in the community so that these companies can be compliant. This will be free of charge.
  • If you are a content creator do NOT feel like you have to boycott the companies. If you do that is your own decision but we understand that smaller ones may suffer financially if they remove affiliate links.
    • We understand that you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.
    • Focus on educating your viewers on what these licenses are and why it is important that they are followed.
  • We understand that not everyone can afford a $700+ machine that is GPL compliant and you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase a Chinese machine even though it may not be compliant.

Creality released a statement that they paid an outside developer to put together the CR-10S source code for them and implement the power resume feature. They state that the developer has not provided them with the source code at all and they do have source that their internal R&D department was working on. We can go back and forth about whether this is true or not but for now we feel the best thing to do is give them the benefit of the doubt and extend an olive branch to help them get compliant. Their machines in general are affordable and well built, especially in comparison to other brands. Scott from the Marlin development team is in direct contact with the people at Creality now and is working with them to get them compliant. This could be a good example of Hanlon’s razor here.

We have been in contact with TEVO and they are also releasing all the firmware and source for the firmware very soon. They had no issue complying.

Wanhao is also releasing their source code and they have a GitHub here:

Anet and Zonestar have been contacted but no response yet.

The goal now is to turn this into a way to get in touch with companies and turn this into a way to show these companies that complying with Open Source licenses is a GOOD thing. The 3D printer community appreciates that they have made 3D printing so accessible to everyone but we firmly believe that the GPL and other open source licenses need to be respected.

Community Help

We have added multiple people to the website, Facebook Group, and Facebook page as admins and moderators. Scott has FULL control over all the social media accounts/pages/groups since he is taking a lot of time to get with these companies. Now that we have the ball rolling we are going to have the community help everything keep going and making progress.

Thank you everyone for your support and voice on the issue. We hope to make a real difference in the community and help these companies do the right thing!

We setup a Discord server for chatting about the direction of the site and working on items discussed here. You can join it here:

Like the 3D Printing Professor said; “Show them that if they open up we will repay them in more than kind. That we will make their lives better and easier. We will be their R&D department.”